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On-Page Optimization

We driver deeper into every single line of code for effectively optimize the website.

Quality Backlink

Build Backlink from real influencer that really help the business bottom line.

Transparant Report

We are proud and confident in the job we offer. No hiding no faking only legit result.

Professional On-Page Optimization

Website structure and content is just one of hundred of factor that make the website SEO friendly. We drive deeper into every single line of code with the proven SEO strategy that will effect bottom line of your business.

 Website Structure Audit – Our SEO team will do a drive deep audit to make sure that every line of code on your website is align with our proven SEO strategy.

 Keyword Audit – We will research and find the golden keyword that really bring in profit for your company.

 Strategic Planning – Not just auditing the whole site and keyword. We will plan out the marketing strategy that help business the long run.

Build Quality Backlink

Good SEO company will pay more attention to the quality of Backlink than the number of Backlink. Do not be deceived by other SEO companies that build you tons of low quality backlink.

Target Market Backlink on direct website that your prospect is using.

Influencer Backlink Who is a product reviewer or a Youtuber with a follower that matched the target customers

Intelligent Backlink Software for constantly finding new influencer to keep us ahead of competitors.

Transparent Report

When your customers choose an SEO company, the most important thing is sincerity and transparency. We are proud of our work and we believe, confident, sincere. Customers will be able to see all the details.

Website Ranking Report – Customers can view their own website ranking for 24 hours. Check at any time by automatically updating 24 hours a day.

Backlink Report – Customers don’t have to guess which website to link to customers. Because every month, we will send a report to see every link that comes to customers, you can also see which website.

Website Traffic Report – Our special report includes data from Google Analytics, allowing customers to view information like Precise in one place

Frequency Ask Question

SEO is abbreviated from the term Search Engine Optimization. SEO definition in Thai language is to customize the website to be ranked on the Search Engine (Google) by using a proven strategies and methods of customization the website that we use based on experience that we have been working with many customers.

The method that we use is transparent as Google recommends and actually works. Read more about SEO at this article. What is SEO?

Google says that you should be careful of companies that provide guarantee  SEO services. Because the company that says that they have guarantee may be a company that is not sincere because the Google Algorithm is constantly changing But because we are confident that the way we use it actually works And willing to refund 100% if using our service is not effective As agreed Without which the customer has nothing to lose if it doesn’t work.

Because Google has algorithms to rank more than 200 algorithms in order to calculate the ranking, making It is very difficult for us to be able to give a 100% exact time, but usually our customers will be on the first page within 3 months for keywords with intermediate difficulty levels and 6 months to be ranked. High level of difficulty, which within 6 months, if the customer website is not ranked, we will return 100% money received from the customer.

Customers do not have to change the design of the client’s website at all. But what we do in the website is to manage the structure and code in the client’s website to make the website load faster. Customize the article and article structure slightly. In order to be the main page of Google and get a better rank.

To ensure that customers receive best service All the work that makes the customer will not outsource and do it within the company.

We made backlink by contacting Blogger / Reviewer and thousands of Youtuber in many markets to produce content or place backlink on their property.

And our marketing team find new influencer every day. You can be sure that customers will really get a backlink from the experts in that market and get a really quality backlink.

If your customers think that their own team can do SEO in other areas but still do not have a good Influencer, you can contact us to use the Backlink service only.

We do E-Commerce as well. SEO for the E-Commerce website is different from the general website both in strategy and implementation. We work with more than 100 E-Commerce websites, which customers can be sure that We can definitely rank the website of our customers.

Yes, of course. We have fixed dozens of websites that have been banned from Google.

If you think that your website has been hit by Google Ban or Penalty.

Please contact us and talk more about detail.

SEO is an investment for the future of your company, where traffic from Google is a traffic that has a high purchasing power. And actually have higher profits than other traffic

Which if your website is not ranked 1 in your target keyword, then you are missing a lot potential and leave it to your competitors

Contact us today. Ask for a free consultation on how to do SEO. How to set up your website and Successful on Google.

Of course, the company uses the guidelines and techniques that Google recommends, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t know how other SEO companies do Grayhat or Blackhat because we are Learn this all the time. We are confident that our SEO principles are stronger than our competitors.

We do research by experimenting with Blackhat techniques in our test website. In order to know where Google currently has a vulnerability to protect our self and our customer.

Every SEO company often says that he can create results. But we are not a normal SEO company because our quality team has done SEO for the website for more than 12 years. We know very well that the customers do not hire us because they want to rank high alone. But customer have to generate more sales and profit from their investment. We work hard to make better profits for you every day.

Of course, doing Search Engine Optimization or SEO can truly make people interested in the service and product. The more people see, more people you generate, more sales will be generated. Where other types of marketing cannot be compared to the quality, revenue and profits of customers as well as Google (Search Engine)

Of course, we provide SEO Audit services for your client’s website. By our analysis, the goal can be clearly explained. But if you don’t have a SEO team directly in your company We encourage you to use the monthly SEO service in order to keep tuning together. Not just a single SEO audit.

Currently, we do SEO services for Thailand and Austria, Singapore, Laos, and Myanmar only.

We use both internal and external tools to get good quality data. 

Whether Majestics, Ahrefs, Moz, similarweb pro in Tracking or keyword research and many other tools

SEO is considered as a marketing method for ranking on Google and other Search Engine in order to get people to come to your website for free from Organic result. 

But for PPC we can start seeing the data first. Then we can decide later on if we are going to invest for a long-term in SEO.

We therefore recommend customers to do PPC alongside SEO. For the best performance

Contact us today for a free marketing consultation.

Service Rates

Step 1. Get Quotation
base on the Keyword and client website.

Step 2. Payment of a total service fee.

Step 3. Implementing 
(within 6 month if client not get ranking we will return the money 100%)

Step 4. Maintain Ranking 
(If you are not ranking within that month you don’t have to pay.)

Position 1 - 5

฿ 3000 / month
  • Focusing on position 1-5 in the first page

Position 1 - 10

฿ 1500 / month
  • Focusing on position 1-10 in the first page